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SANYING preservation (shares) companies under the Zhong Ying science and technology, one of the team's offices, the group responsible for realizing the future building will flourish, especially convened for building Affairs professional management team, the establishment of the company, set up another three surplus Apartment Building management (share) the company co-ordinated community services building, will "do just do the best" service philosophy, providing a full range of management services to apartment buildings.

The company owns Taiwan's most outstanding management team, particularly in the community and building security systems professional field, this konw-how available to our customers, the future direction will move in the direction of refined service.


1995.08 Zhong surplus Technology was founded parent company, by the engineering technology elite, a joint venture of the Company

1998.03 increase to 500 million, to expand the business

1999.05 Cut preservation security market, and operates American business connections preservation & Police

2000.01 Police to police provisioning host connection is completed, and completed about 200 Safety System Engineering

2001.03 excellent access to the national security industry works to award (by engineering and service quality appraisals)

2003.03 should be building customer requirements, the establishment of three surplus Apartment Building Management (capital of 10 million yuan) company, expand customer services

2003.07 purchase loyalty surplus technology corporate headquarters, expanding the House, 4th Floor, 200 to expand the number of Ping Ping, expansion is expected to set up four companies

2005.03 completed more than 500 cases over

2006.11 security company set up three surplus (capital of 40 million yuan)

2007.09 SANYING preservation, three apartments and Zhong Ying Ying science and technology at the same time through the ISO9001 quality certification

2007.10 to complete all work to serve the community computer e-community site set up, comprehensive information transparency, impartiality of the tenants in any region of the world, can search for community information bulletin, etc.

2008.02 Access Taipei No. 1 (1712) and second Big (1012) preservation of community service work

2008.04 provisioning remote monitoring system (during the service free of charge), expanding to provide residents in any corner of the world can monitor their community dynamics

2008.06 new heights Access North Zone (625) and Itabashi (635) large property management community, expanding and selected a large New Taipei City Community Service in recognition of merit

2010.05 The company completed the first phase of the goal, and the establishment of motor unit and cleaning sector to expand community services

2012.12 eligible for the new North City Hall green landscaping Competition Winner praise

Head Office:1-3F., No.56, Zhongyuan St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL:02-2674 5050 FAX:02-2674 3536
Zhonghe Office:1F., No.37, Minli St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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